I never thought I would live to see the day when the citizens of the United States would freely choose COMMUNISM AND INEXPERIENCE over a veteran who knows what is going on in the Middle east.

McCain specifically pointed out that he had “served our country [his] entire life.” That’s well over 50 years.

Obama followed suit (as he usually does) and says the most similar yet accurate comment: “I’ve been serving my country my entire career.” And how long has Osama been in his career? Less than 200 days.

Obama believes in change. However, change tends to end badly due to several circumstances: one can make a bad decision, one could attempt to make a good change with bad repercussions, a change could start out as good, but might later be warped to be a bad decision.

As a sign of the mourning our country is going through as it gasps out its final breath, all of us have decided to wear black tomorrow.