I spent the day in Austin, TX, with a great crowd of pro-lifers to send a message to the politicians in our government. We do not want abortion to be legal in this country any longer.

In our declaration of independence from the tyranny of the time, we profoundly stated that every human being is endowed with three unalienable rights — rights that cannot be touched or changed in any way: “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Abortion most obviously disregards the unborn child’s unalienable right to life, and, as a result, denies that child his or her liberty and his or her chance to obtain happiness. Scientific evidence proves that an unborn child is 100% purely human from its start as a zygote, to its development into an embryo, or at its fetal stage before birth; the DNA of that child is already present and set in stone at the moment of conception. Since when did America, the greatest country in the world, allow its citizens to legally murder their own children? Why can’t we show the same shock for aborted babies that we do when newborn babies are discovered in trash cans?

While watching the news after the event, they claimed that police officers had to form a buffer between the pro-life crowd, the pro-choice crowd, and the capitol building. This statement is false. Police officers were present at the event, but they were on bicycles and only served to stop traffic for us as we marched through the streets. We were not rowdy or violent at all; we did not have any buffer between us and the capitol even as Governor Rick Perry gave his speech about how he and the senators are working to pass pro-life bills. I did see a small amount of pro-choice people, but they were scattered around throughout the pro-life crowd, not in a separate location. We coexisted peacefully and were even talking with them! We were not a mob as the news says we were. Rather, we were a group of peaceful protesters wishing to make our motives known by following the examples of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mohandas Gandhi.