I’ve been taking notes on my MacBook using a local MediaWiki installation (there’s a public version at http://notes.komputerwiz.net:8000). Here’s a list of the necessary packages:

Apache, MySQL, PHP, ImageMagick, LaTeX, Inkscape, MediaWiki, OCaml, Make, and G++

Note that I’m running these packages on Mac OS X. Also note that they are GNU Linux packages. (If you aren’t laughing yet, consult the infinite acronyms and trivia below)

GNU stands for “GNU’s Not UNIX” ’s Not UNIX ’s Not UNIX Linux stands for “Linux Is Not UNIX” Is Not UNIX Is Not UNIX

Mac OS X is built on a Berkley UNIX BSD Subsystem, which means that it is a UNIX operating system; so the doubly-declared “Not UNIX” packages listed above are running happily on a UNIX machine… Just another reason why my MacBook is the ultimate hypocrisy.

Here’s how I did it (and so can you)

WARNING: Technological, geeky content. Proceed with caution!

You’ll need the following packages. Download them now if you want.

Install XAMPP Server

Install MediaWiki

If you want a simple installation of MediaWiki, you can stop here.If you want Math, SVG, and other goodies, please continue.

Install Xcode Developer Tools

Install MacPorts Package Manager, etc.

Compile texvc (included with MediaWiki) and Activate Math

Install Inkscape SVG Rendering Plugin

That concludes the advanced MediaWiki installation. Tweak $MediaWiki/LocalSettings.php to your liking: I’d love to hear what you come up with.