Typography and elegance add a lot to a website’s content. Since adopting Mac OS X, I’ve developed an eye for smooth, monochromatic, minimalist themes that really make the focal content stand out. Craving ye olde Webster’s classy feel, I’ve been on the hunt for a more elegant theme for quite some time now.

I also find that I write long blog posts every once in a long while. In order to boost my blogging habits, I will try to post short, meaningful posts at a greater frequency, so I’ve also been looking for a theme that makes the most out of a little content. Full-width themes with small fonts make my blog feel empty, and adding links to the sidebar and footer to take up space make the site feel like “information overload”.

I believe I have finally found what I have been looking for: The Erudite by Soma Design fits my taste perfectly. I can’t wait to start writing!