I covered Mac OS X web hosting before when I wrote about installing MediaWiki on Mac OS X, but in that tutorial, I used XAMPP, a preconfigured Server Bundle, instead of the existing Apache installation that all Mac OS X installations have by default. At the time, I was somewhat unaware of all the software that comes with Mac OS X. As a courtesy to fellow newbie Mac-based developers (like myself), I have included a list of bundled server software.

The full path to executables can be ascertained with the which command (e.g. which apachectl)

Apache 2.2

PHP 5.3.3

PHP is disabled by default, but relatively easy to enable.

MySQL 5 (Mac OS X Server Edition Only)

MySQL 5 comes bundled with Mac OS X Server, but the Apple Developer website explains how to install MySQL on Mac OS X for the rest of us.