Okay, the Latin titles thing just happens. I can’t help it if I had great Latin teachers for my last two years of High School—thank you Mrs. Gherardi and Mrs. Slowey, and I truly mean that ab imo pectore! 1 :-) Nonetheless, I’ll try to contain myself next time.

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. How I wish this were true! Whenever I’m told to write a seven thousand-word essay on a subject, why can’t I simply turn in a few pictures of the thing I’m supposed to write about?

—or even better, take pictures of words. Then each picture would be worth the thousand words by default plus however many words can legibly fit in the picture. And after that, take pictures of those pictures… That would be more than a thousand-thousand words or a million words per picture. I could fit an entire novel series on one page in a photo album (or on one screen in iPhoto since I don’t use physical photo albums).

However, since it is not the case that a picture of a picture of words is worth more than a million words, I will leave you with these 393 words (count them if you desire) and these pictures that just might be worth about a thousand words:

The trash can thing started when a construction project began on the road next to said trash can. The fences were erected to protect the landscaping from heavy machinery, in one of which a trash can was enclosed. Some people thought it would be funny to exercise their freedom of speech, and so it was. But then other people added to this (from both sides of the issue), and now it’s one of the funniest and most awkward things on campus in my opinion.

Also among the awkward/funny are the “velociraptor-free work place” signs. Apparently these creatures only want us to think they’re extinct so they can get away with the stuff that they do… smart varmints! Luckily I haven’t had any direct encounters, but I have seen their effects. In order to take a more active stance against velociraptors, I have posted one of these signs in my dorm and informed my [awesome] roommate of the potential dangers and how to evade future incidents.

Update 2/22/2011: As a follow-up, the construction has moved along, the trash can has been freed (i.e. relocated), and the signs have been taken down, but the memory still remains frozen in time here on my blog.

  1. “from the bottom of my heart” ↩︎