My first year of college ended only three weeks ago, and I’ve been busy wrapping up projects and defeating Aperture Laboratories' blunders. Yes, some of my fellow computer scientists introduced me to Portal at the end of last semester, and I’ve been playing both the old and new versions ever since college ended. However, I have other adventures in mind for this than wandering through the ruins of Aperture Labs:

I’ve had my eye on the Symfony 2 framework for quite some time. I plan to continue following its development and perhaps make a few contributions on Github.

While I’m thinking about it, Symfony 2 would make a good starting point for the web projects I plan to begin this summer. One of these projects is actually a series of sites for a local non-profit organization. I will be working on it with some of my friends who have amazing artistic talents: It is going to be awesome!

Of course I have to visit SeaWorld: Shamu has a new show One Ocean that promises to be just as breathtaking as Believe. I will definitely speak with some of the trainers I know there.

On the same aquatic note, I have to keep up my swimming endurance: SCUBA classes for the Fall semester require a 500 m swim and 10 minutes treading water. I will try to swim two times each week.