This site used to be the home of my web design business: Komputerwiz Web Design. But now that my business is retired, I have now decided to make it my personal portfolio site and drop the “web design” from the title. However, as you can probably tell, I have not stopped developing websites. If you would like my help in designing and/or deploying a website, please let me know.

This site is now also home to some of the projects I have developed.


The name Komputerwiz originated in my first email address (komputerwiz@txcyber.com, now inactive). I wanted something that was unique, memorable, pronounceable, but most importantly, it had to reflect my character. I had a knack for computers, so “Komputerwiz” came to mind. The name stuck, and it has been my username and pseudonym since.

In places where “Komputerwiz” was too long (like in my server’s MOTD ASCII art), I used the abbreviated form “K’wiz” or sometimes just “Kwiz”.

What happened to the old site?

This site’s predecessor was a dynamic site had been languishing for many years: It was a potential security risk and would have required much effort to update or flat-out rewrite. I realized that the dynamic content was minimal and that the purpose of this site could be better served by using a static generator. I eventually settled on Hugo, but regardless of which generator is used, the end result is just a static collection of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. The content and the deployment configuration are both much easier to maintain (and keep secure). It also allowed me to consolidate my blog posts into a single content base.