e-QSL Card

73 de KG5LYE!

Howdy! This page may not verify “receipt of transmission,” but nonetheless serves to describe my Ham Radio presence.

Around Town

I most enjoy building antennas, tinkering with various software-defined modes, and getting to meet really cool people on the air. I am also always very happy to assist anyone interested in getting involved with the hobby.

On The Air

When I’m mobile or portable, I usually monitor the local repeaters:

Callsign Frequency Mode Offset PL Tone QTH Height AGL
W5BCS 146.680 MHz FM −600 KHz 88.5 Hz (in/out) EM10tp 300 ft
KD5DLW 443.450 MHz FM +5 MHz 127.3 Hz (in) EM10tp 300 ft

On HF, I usually like operating SSB (and occasionally CW) on the 40 m and 20 m bands. I have a J-38 straight key and a set of Bencher BY-1 iambic paddles, both of which were gifts from a very generous local ham, W5DZ. At present, I can send about 15 WPM and receive about 10 WPM, but am continually improving. I am very thankful for W5HKJ’s fldigi software, which fills in when I can’t keep up!

On the Web

Around the Shack

Base Station

Mobile Station