Matthew J. Barry

Texas A&M University Class of 2014

Howdy! Welcome to my personal résumé. This section of my site contains brief overviews of my accomplishments, abilities, and aspirations.


I plan to work toward a M.S. or Ph.D. at some point, but for now I am a happy full-time software developer at Texas Center for Applied Technology. My undergraduate foci were in computer science (software development and algorithms) and in applied mathematics (computational theory). I am an avid programmer: when I am not busy with work, I usually work on my own projects such as this and other sites.

When I am not coding, I am usually volunteering around the community, learning and tinkering with new technology, flying a plane, or “calling CQ” on ham radio. I also have a fascination with dolphins: their capacity for intelligence and complex communication have always intrigued me. So at some point in the future, I would very much like to study and analyze their communications.

About Me

I like to think of myself as a positive, upbeat person—always adding extra energy to every room that I enter. I want every person I meet to walk away with a smile. I seldom complain (unless merited) and always try to find the good in the “little things” in life by counting God’s blessings whenever I can.

Work and Life Experience



I am fluent in English, my first language, but I am also familiar with Spanish, Italian, Latin, and a little bit of Klingon.

Software Development

Proficient in the following programming languages, libraries, and frameworks:

Familiar with the following programming languages:

Server Administration / DevOps

Emergency Preparedness / Search and Rescue

Hobbies and Interests