For those confused by my recent social media updates regarding “kpsdec dzlilfrkgn”, I am partaking in a contest/project for my Info Storage and Retrieval class. The topic is search engine optimization, and the goal is to be top-ranked in the Google and Bing search results for the phrase “kpsdec dzlilfrkgn”. Prior to September 19, no results were found, but at the time of writing there are several pages created by my classmates with their own postings about “kpsdec dzlilfrkgn”.

I am working on my own site (click link below) for this contest, and I would be very grateful if you can help spread the word about my page.

10 Dec 2013: A long-overdue update. About mid-way through the course, I decided to replace the site with Wikipedia Categorizer, my team project for the course. Now that the semester has drawn to a close, I am retiring the site. Thank you to all who helped with the kpsdec project.