A prayer by Fr. Alberione for all those who use, are involved in the production of, and are affected by, any form of social communications:

Father, in union with all those who today celebrate the Eucharist, I wish to offer myself, a small victim, with Jesus, the victim:

In atonement for error and scandal spread throughout the world through the misuse of the media of social communication;

To appeal to your mercy for those persons, who deceived and seduced by the influence of these instruments, stray from your fatherly love;

For the conversion of those persons who in the use of these instruments reject the teachings of Christ and His Church and thus warp the minds and hearts, and the undertakings of men and women;

That we may follow Him alone whom You, Father, in Your boundless love, sent into the world saying: “This is my Beloved Son, hear Him”;

To acknowledge and to make known that Jesus alone, the Word Incarnate is the perfect Teacher, the Trustworthy Way who leads to knowledge of You, Father, and to a partaking of Your life;

That there be in the Church an increase in the number of priests, religious, and consecrated lay persons who, consecrated as apostles of social communication, will make resound throughout the world the message of Salvation.

That all those who work within the framework of social communication may grow in holiness and wisdom and bear witness to an authentic Christian life;

That the undertakings of Catholics within the sphere of Social Communication may continually increase so that promoting more effectively genuine human and Christian values the voice of error and evil will be counteracted;

That well aware of our insufficiency and unworthiness, we may realize the need to draw near the font of life in all humanity and trust and to be nourished with Your word, Father, and with the body of Christ, invoking light, love, and mercy for all men and women.

The Daughters of St. Paul (a.k.a. #MediaNuns) introduced me to this prayer at a recent presentation by my home Church’s apologetics group.

During Lent, all are called to offer prayer, fasting, and almsgiving to strengthen their relationship with Christ in preparation for Easter. Social media is a common thing to give up for those who spend a lot of time online, but I find myself on the opposite side of the spectrum. Lately my presence on social media has dwindled.

The Internet and all forms of communication are gifts that enable us to spread God’s Love and Mercy around the world (as we are called to do), but these gifts are so often abused in today’s society 1. St. Paul had to travel for days by boat and by foot to deliver his message, but today we have the ability to send a message to the other side of the planet in mere seconds. I asked myself, Why am I sitting idle when I could be living out my Faith by drawing inspiration from others and inspiring others in turn?

Inspired by the recent visit by the Daughters of St. Paul, I have decided that part of my Lenten observance this year will be to publish thoughtful, inspiring messages on all of my social media accounts every day.

Please pray for me these next 40 days as I am praying for you!

  1. Examples of such media abuse include: pornography (this alone is probably the biggest problem in our society), bullying, slander, spreading rumors and partial facts, etc. ↩︎