Komputerwiz Dolphins

I am quite fond of dolphins and cetaceans in general. The four dolphins in my avatar above are pacific white-sided dolphins vectorized (hand-drawn) from a photo taken at SeaWorld.

I originally used the dolphins as my business logo. But now that I am no longer actively promoting my business, I have adopted these dolphins as my personal signature: wherever you see them, you can regard them as my portrait. That said, I actually do use self-portraits in more professional settings; I just don't like having photos of me plastered publicly all over the Web.

Komputerwiz Seal

The Komputerwiz Seal

In addition to the four dolphins logo, I also have a smaller, simpler, more seal-like icon (marine mammal pun not intended) that I use on my blog and in a few other situations where a dichromatic icon fits better than the full-color dolphin logo displayed at the top of the page.

If you look closely, you will probably notice that the dolphin silhouette in this logo belongs to the second dolphin (from the left) in the original four dolphins logo.

What does the "mb" stand for? The letters in the seal are my initials, but MB could also stand for:

  • "multum bonum" — Latin for "very good": since I only put that seal on what I deem to be "very good"
  • "My Blog" or "Matthew's Blog" — the primary use of this icon is on my blog site.
  • "merit badge" — The "running stitch" around the outside is supposed to make the logo look like a patch.
  • "Megabyte" or "Megabit" — common measurements for data storage size (must be mega– since "millibyte" and "millibit" units do not exist).
  • "Mercedes-Benz" — a car company.
  • "Milton Bradley" — now I'm just pulling your leg.

Intellectual Property Notice

These logos are my personal, copyrighted intellectual property, but I will be happy to let you use them in most circumstances if you contact me.