Happy New Year!

I’m writing from New York where my family gathered to bring in 2015 and reminisce about 2014. It seems like I just became accustomed to writing “2014” and now I have to get used to writing “2015”. At least this change is not as big as the switch from “1999” to “2000”.

The coastal towns like Port Jefferson are like a scene from a story book: all the buildings are close together and their façades are soft pastel colors with bold, dark trusses like patchwork seams.

While on Long Island, I stopped by the site of the Wardenclyffe Tower: Nikola Tesla’s workshop in Shoreham.

New Years' Eve traffic dissuaded me from traveling to downtown New York, so I did not get to visit Times Square, the World Trade Center memorial, Broadway, or the Statue of Liberty, but I’ll get to see them from the plane on my flight.