Let’s Encrypt, the Internet Security Research Group’s initiative for free domain validation certificates (think: free HTTPS everywhere), entered its public beta phase yesterday afternoon.

The first time I heard about Let’s Encrypt was last year: within days after I had put together my Authority’s Handbook guide to being your own certificate authority and started issuing my own certificates under my own certificate authority. Oh, the irony!

Finally, I thought, now my web pages can be secured without annoying browser warnings for free.

The initial public release date was set for Summer 2015. Then it got pushed back to November 2015, and then again to December 3. Now it is finally here!

If you had installed my root certificate in your browser or OS, you can now uninstall it since all future (publicly visible) certificates will be issued through Let’s Encrypt. If you encounter an old site with a certificate still signed by Komputerwiz Web Design Intermediate CA, please let me know.